Video: Lira Tskhovrebova

Related to the earlier post, here is the news clip of Russia’s alleged spy, Lira Tskhovrebova, sent to pitch the invasion of Georgia in Washington DC.

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    Thank you for your interest in Lira Tskhovrebova’s story. Balanced and detailed coverage of this issue has appeared in the Georgian Daily and at Eurasianet. (As you will see, these are neutral articles, not arguments for our side — if you believe that we are in fact on a “side.”)In addition, a group of Georgian NGOs have issued an open letter supporting Tskhovrebova, and denouncing the Georgian government’s well documented practice of using spying charges to suppress dissent domestically and discredit it internationally. You can find an English version of that letter at our site the interest of accuracy and an open-minded discussion, we hope that you will take a look at all of these before making a judgment. Thanks again.

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    Robert,Since you are interested in fair and frank discussion, we hope you’ll let your readers hear Lira Tskhovrebova’s side of the story. She continues her efforts to open a discussion with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvil. She recently visited the Georgian embassy in the United States (like all South Ossetians, she is barred from entering Georgia) to deliver a letter to Saakashvili.Tskhovrebova has received a petition of support signed by more than 100 Georgian NGO members. Saakashvili’s government has used espionage accusations against dozens of political opponents, including business people, elected officials, ambassadors, foreigners inside and outside Georgia, media operations, and reputable NGO workers.You can see video of Tskhovrebova’s visit to the Georgian embassy here or here.

  5. James
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    I think a good place to start with an open and honest conversation would be for you to identify who is writing this? Lira herself? A PR agency? Who are you?