Russia: The Playground Bully?

460-russian-tanks-g_791481c.jpgRussia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is apparently ‘astonished’ to hear that Poland’s Foreign Minister, Radoslaw Sikorski, asked NATO and the US to deploy troops in Europe to provide ‘some strategic reassurance’, on a recent visit to Washington.  Since the scrapping of the US Bush-designed missile defense scheme which would have seen troops deployed in Poland and Czech Republic, the former has apparently been feeling vulnerable . . .

Kim Zigfeld points out on Pyjamas Media that Russia’s recent war ‘games’, which simulated a full scale pipeline-sabotaging missile-battering attack of Poland, taking place in the same month that seventy years earlier Russia did actually invade, is hardly likely to reassure the Poles of the good intentions of its neighbors.  Zigfeld suggests that Obama’s policy of playing nice with Russia is encouraging brazenness on the part of the Kremlin:

Not only did Russia refuse to reciprocate Obama’s unilateral gesture by supporting sanctions against Iran, it began practicing the use of missiles against a now defenseless Poland. Obama has alienated and panicked all of Eastern Europe while reaping nothing in terms of improved relations with Russia. Instead, he’s convinced the Russians they may do as they please. It’s hard to imagine how Obama’s reckless gambit could have failed more spectacularly.

Over at Hot Air, Michael Van Der Galien asks the obvious question:

Could someone please explain to me why Russia would simulate such an attack, if it has no plans whatsoever of attacking Poland? As far as I can tell, the only other possible explanation is that Moscow wants Warsaw to fear it.

But there’s a more important question. Can someone please tell me why Obama would ignore such a simulation if he has no plans to acquiesce in the erection of a new Iron Curtain across Europe? As far as I can tell, the only other possible explanation is that he didn’t even know it happened.

Read the whole article here.

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  1. DanielB
    Posted November 6, 2009 at 6:29 pm | Permalink

    Oh my god !An army NEVER uses an existing country’s name in exercises .Who can believe that ?So the contributors of this blog , the yellow British journalism and their naive readers !I wonder what is the daily frequentation of the site of the ” Telegraph ” ?Names are fictionnal like ” Lapistan ” or ” Sohand ” , most of the time it’s a ” Blue country ” against a ” Red country ” .Zapad 2009 and Ladoga 2009 military drills DID include beach rocket shellings , beach landings and amphibious operations with ” Zubr ” class hovercrafts in the Blatic and in the Barents seaDmitri Medvedev attended to one of them an even recieved a commando knife as a gift .So what ?There was NOT an ATTACK of a pipeline but the PROTECTION of a subsea pipeline in the Baltic ( Guess what’s its name ;O) )The missile launchings , were in fact ONE launch of a Tochka missile and anti-aircraft drills .As far a i know , Russia NEVER included the territory of a foreign country in the scenario of its drills on the contrary of NATO which included an ” independant state ” in the Kola peninsula during COLD RESPONSE 09 .

  2. Cegorach
    Posted November 6, 2009 at 9:38 pm | Permalink

    Phew…Of course it is a worrying sign that once again Russian military exercises suggest such nonsense scenarios – invasion form the Baltic States and a Polish uprising in Belorus – which will only contribute to the poor image of the RF in those countries.Still I wonder why when any such discussion includes the subject of Poland or Central Europe vs Russia it is always so laughable…It seems that conservatives see the entire region as defenceless against ‘allmightly’ (as they portrait it) Russia while liberals either ignore it or clumsily are attempting to improve relations with Russia with good intentions, but without any real profits while leaving a trail of gaffes such as the renouncing the missile shield agreement on the 17th September – exactly 70 years since the Soviet invasion, in the middle of furious propaganda offensive from the Kremlin.Basically – it is either ‘they are all doomed without our help !’ or ‘let’s discuss those subjects with those nice Kremlin guys… err we didn’t know it was your Gulag Rememberance Day…’ – choice between histerical allies and clumsy and possibly half-hearted allies.I’m from Poland. I’m hardly a friend of Kremlin – wish them all the worst and as quick departure from Russian politics as possible; BUT the entire idea Poles care so much about Russian danger is not so true.I can recall the first time the RF threatened Poland with missiles – it was in 1993, just after the last Soviet troops left the country. In other words since ever. Threats were repeated so many times that it shouldn’t matter anymore, not so much at least.There is one, large difference, though.There are the tabloids now and there is pretty heated competition for readers and viewers in Poland and because circulation is going down scaremongering (right now it is the swine flu) became the daily activity of medias.When it comes to the politics I wouldn’t advise to listen to the politicians from the Law and Justice- they are desperate… This political cousin of United Russia ( hardly a joke) – fortunatelly easier to ridicule and far less successfull – is in a corner, marginalised, so is their president sold to the voters in 2005 in a rich but utterly false PR package. They are trying everything to gain at least some support and since their voters are well… usually believing in more populist slogans they are resorting to scare tactics – ‘the Germans will take the land ! The Russians will attack ! Corrupt oligarchs (had to be invented because there are none in Poland) will steal everything ! wtc, etc’.Frankly almost everything anyone from this party says can be dismissed or ignored.Finally according to our government the supposedly quoted speech of Mr. Sikorski was not a quote (they suggested checking the recordings) but a manipulation.Russia isn’t capable of causing any real problems – a different opinion would be true for Estonia or Latvia but not about Poland or the entire region – except some, bearable destabilisation and gas cuts, but invasion would be suicidal and people here know that.Poland’s doctrine still includes multiple security arrangements – in the EU (most recent moves with France are worth noticing), in the NATO and directly with Washington, but hell – if someone expects panic he/she should realise we are talking about sizable countries with sizable military capabilities, not a collection of defenceless beggars waiting for US saviours like in 1944.If Kremlin has to target my country with nuclear missiles to feel better, they are free to do so – if they want to inspire hostility it is ultimately their loss.My regards

  3. DanielB
    Posted November 7, 2009 at 6:38 pm | Permalink
  4. rkka
    Posted November 7, 2009 at 10:23 pm | Permalink

    Poor Phoby, part of an alliance that outnumbers Russia by 3-1 in tanks, 2.4-1 in armored fighting vehicles, and 2.7-1 in artillery, sez Poland’s defenseless.Shows a degree of ignorance that actually is entirely expected, coming from her.

  5. DanielB
    Posted November 8, 2009 at 5:53 pm | Permalink

    The fact is that when a Russian submarine launches a Sineva ICBM from the West to the East even on Kamtchatka , Japan doesn’t barks that it is a ” Russian nuclear attack ” !The counterinsurgency drills are labelled as ” Destruction of illegal armed formations ” and they are common ( Kavkaz 2009 ) with central asian states and also China (Peace Mission 2009 ) .

  6. Posted December 4, 2009 at 9:21 am | Permalink