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MPAA Hopes to Shatter Copyright Law with Megaupload Lawsuit

Blogging over at TechDirt, Mike Masnick gets right down to the point of the MPAA’s latest lawsuit against Megaupload – the company which they already destroyed via a bogus criminal case from the Department of Justice. The lawsuit, which attacks the basis of numerous perfectly reasonable activities for tons of cloud computing companies, may have […]


Video: Speech to Red Shirt Rally in Thailand

This weekend I spoke via Skype to a rally of hundreds of thousands of Red Shirt activists in Bangkok, who had come out to show support for the elected government of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra against the pending threat of her removal by a judicial coup. The video of the speech is below, with my […]

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DOJ Continues to Obstruct Access to Megaupload Data

Interesting post over on Tech Dirt about the case against Kim Dotcom’s former company, Megaupload. The U.S. Department of Justice continues to have no answer for the millions of users whose data was seized on Megaupload’s Virginia servers. This conduct of course raises many questions about the motivations behind the government’s case, and who exactly […]

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Guriev on Russia’s Corruption and Territorial Expansion

Sergei Guriev, the respected economist from Moscow’s New Economic School who was forced into exile last year, has published a new article in the Financial Times examining the relationship between Russia’s pervasive corruption and President Vladimir Putin’s recent interest in expanding and swallowing up neighboring territories. In Russia, the social compact of the 2000s was […]

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Mugabe and the U.N. vs. the Whistleblower

Doug Bandow writes in the American Spectator about the case of our client Georges Tadonki, who challenged political corruption in Zimbabwe and paid for it with his job. In 2008 Tadonki had been on station for six years and predicted epidemics of both cholera and violence. Journalist Peta Thornycroft interviewed Tadonki at the time, concluding […]

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John Key’s Dirty War Against Kim Dotcom

John Key Embarks On Pacific Islands Visit - Day 3

Why would the Prime Minister of New Zealand develop a relationship with a hate-speech prone blogger? Inside the ugly defamation campaign against Kim Dotcom.

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Thailand: The Plot Against Democracy


The purpose of the document is alert the international community to the grave risks faced by Thai citizens who may be subjected to an unlawful coup and removal of the elected prime minister. There are serious concerns of a repeat – or worse – of the 2010 massacres of protesters if another coup takes place, robbing tens of millions of people of their right to vote.

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Putin’s Third Stage

Today Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech advising lawmakers to approve the annexation of Crimea following Sunday’s referendum. The speech included extended and detailed commentary on history, Putin’s perceived hypocrisy of the West (who he says “rules by the gun” and ignores international law), and of course, his instructions to the Duma to approve […]

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American Censorship

Any citizen who voted for President Barack Obama hoping for some change and improvement to the culture of secrecy of his predecessor should be sorely disappointed. According to a new data analysis by the Associated Press, last year the Obama administration invoked more exceptions to the Freedom of Information Act than any other government in […]

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Putin’s War Driven by Domestic Motives


Is this a new Cold War? Is this a rational decision on behalf of Putin to reinforce Russia’s security? Or is it more a matter of domestic political survival as the driving motivation behind the seizure of Crimea?

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