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$50 Billion Yukos Ruling Could Change Russian History


The case is not only one of the largest ever rulings against a sovereign, it also means that Yukos shareholders could start seizing assets across Europe.

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‘Oligarchs’ Are Not a Unitary Class

Allow me a moment to register shock and disdain for the front page of today’s Times of London, which broadly declares, “Cameron Under Pressure to Punish Putin Oligarchs,” lending to other misleading coverage ramping up unchecked Russophobia in Britain in response to the horror of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. We have seen before the dangers […]

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MH17 and the Legal Theory of Control

Writing on Opinio Juris, Jens David Ohlin raises the important issue of the theory of control in international law given the possibility of Russia’s involvement (or the “creating of conditions,” as phrased by Washington) and what level of responsibility there can be for the activity of the rebels. If this story is true, it reveals […]

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What Putin Should Do, ASAP

I agree with Leonid Bershidsky’s argument here – but with the clock ticking, I fear that Putin will be cornered into a typical defensive position of denial: By disowning the rebels immediately — in the form of criminal proceedings against the Russian citizens among them, the immediate withdrawal of any Russian aid for them and […]

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MH17 and Putin’s Recklessness in Ukraine


Putin’s criminal recklessness in Ukraine does not come as a surprise, rather it has been a hallmark of his leadership.

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Thailand’s Inevitable Revolution


It’s time for the United States and Europe to undertake targeted sanctions against leaders of Thailand’s military junta. Failure to do so guarantees a repeat of a familiar cycle.

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Draft “Deoffshorisation” Law in Russia – ground–breaking changes

By Olga Boltenko, Evgenia Martin, and Ayshat Gaydarova On the 18th of March the Russian Ministry of Finance published a draft law on anti-offshore measures. Following wide public discussion, a revised draft was published on the 27th of May. The Draft introduces four key concepts: • Controlled foreign companies (CFC) rules; • Russian tax residence […]

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Expecting More from Thailand


Last time there was a coup in Thailand, Western nations failed to support the democratic will of the Thai people. They shouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

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Putin’s Revolution Lacks Strategic Vision

While we make look at the revolution in Kiev which toppled President Viktor Yanukovych as the event which set off the chain reaction leading to the impending loss of Eastern Ukraine, the history books are likely to look back on another revolution – the one taking place within the ideology of Russian President Vladimir Putin. […]

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What Western Sanctions Say About Russia

The latest round of sanctions are targeting Igor Sechin and co. Will this strategy make a difference, or is a broader, tougher set of measures required?

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