Austria’s ‘State Defamation’ Against Stephan Templ

Not only have prosecutors deliberately and repeatedly misinformed the media regarding the details of the Stephan Templ case, but diplomatic staff including the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs have also issued false statements distorting the court record.

How ‘Human Rights’ Became a Dirty Word

The term “human rights” has been hijacked and had its meaning twisted into something negative and sinister. It’s time for us to seize it back and redefine what human rights are, and why they still matter.

Amsterdam & Partners Takes on Holocaust Restitution Case in Austria

“For an Austrian court to convict and sentence to jail a Jewish citizen under these circumstances echoes back to a very dark period of history.”

Kim Dotcom, Glenn Greenwald, and Robert Amsterdam

The flyer for the upcoming event in New Zealand on 15 September featuring Kim Dotcom, Glenn Greenwald, and Robert Amsterdam:

Robert Amsterdam in Forbes: When Anti-Corruption Becomes Corrupted

Far too many lawyers believe that the only solution to an anti-corruption investigation is to negotiate a deferred prosecution agreement. But what kind of precedent does this set?

Robert Amsterdam on CNBC Squawk Box on Thailand

Last night Robert Amsterdam appeared on CNBC to discuss the recent political crisis in Thailand.

Robert Amsterdam’s Legal Team Honored with Global Pro Bono Dispute of 2013 by The American Lawyer

The American Lawyer magazine has honored Amsterdam & Partners LLP for his role in the Tadonki / UN case.

Property Released to Kim Dotcom Is Just the Beginning, says Amsterdam

“The issue of illegally seized data once again brings to light the millions of Megaupload customers whose property was stolen by a viciously unaccountable government beholden to their campaign donors in the Hollywood lobby. Now that they have granted Mr. Dotcom access to the data, it’s time to return the property to users as they are entitled to under law.”

Cuddly Putin

From our respected colleagues at RFE/RL: Putin the chest-thumping and siloviki-loving tough guy could be on his way out. And a kinder and gentler Vladimir the Wise might be on the way in. “Putin’s political advisers have decided to abandon the macho image in favor of that of a wise patriarch,” the daily “Nezavisimaya gazeta” […]

Russia’s Inability to Fight Corruption

Despite the “anti-corruption drive” at the Ministry of Defense which has got so many people unreasonably excited, Russia continues to find it difficult to leave the bottom third in international corruption rankings such as Transparency International’s CPI. This year’s ranking represents a very modest improvement, but still leaves Russia right in the range of Kazahkstan […]