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Astrakhan Travelblog 3 – Caspian: Survival Of The Fittest

The Volga Delta, upon which the city of Astrakhan perches, is famously blessed in natural attributes. This part of ‘Mother Volga’, a biosphere reserve dotted with small islands and curious tributaries, boasts numerous rare flora species, among them water chestnuts and lotus flowers, as well as a diverse community of fishes and migrating birds.  In […]

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Astrakhan Travelblog 2 – Broken Gazpromises

Last weekend’s rally in the city of Astrakhan offered a sign of the opposition movement’s inner steel but was, it must be said, lackluster in comparison to parallel rallies in other regional centers.  If it did unite the diaspora of the opposition in Astrakhan, this amounted predominantly to the ‘controlled’ opposition.  By far the largest […]

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