RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Feb 15, 2013

TODAY: Meteorite shower in Urals injures hundreds; Georgian lawmaker convicted over opposition unrest; CPJ sees decline in Russia; ractopamine issues rile Europe. G20 finance ministers head to Moscow; Russia fails to wow global investors; Rushydro chief under pressure from Putin over dubious deals; Qatar interested in VTB. Rosneft looks for Venezuelan and Arctic deals; Putin’s […]

Identity Politics

Russia is taking a number of steps to assert its views on key issues of minorities and free speech of late.  The Kremlin’s move to impose a nationwide ban on ‘homosexual propaganda‘, for example, makes a stark contrast to yesterday’s news that the U.K. parliament voted in favour of same-sex marriage. Sergei Markov argues in […]

Russia Looks to Become a Leader in Online Repression

Move over, Thailand – here comes Russia looking to claim the title as the most technologically advanced censorship machine. Today Russia is launching its “single register” of banned websites (which can be viewed here), which solves the previous inconvenience of each region decided which sites to ban.  Now the “great firewall of Russia” has gone […]