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The Madness of Dissent

Mikhail Kosenko has been convicted for 'calling for mass riots'

In a disturbing imitation of Soviet practices, one of the Bolotnaya Square protesters, Mikhail Kosenko, was recently sentenced by a court to be committed against his will for punitive psychiatric care, with the clear message being sent to any other young people in Russia feeling rebellious: dissent is “crazy.”

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IPU Issues Historic Resolution on Thailand


Nearly three years after more than 90 pro-democracy protesters were killed by government forces on the streets of Bangkok, Thai Member of Parliament Jatuporn Prompran scored a major victory before a multilateral institution, shedding light on pervasive injustices in the country’s political system.

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Time for International Action on Zambia


It is time to acknowledge that Zambia’s democracy is in crisis. The government willingly breaks the law and is set on destroying the competitive multiparty system. It is time for international action before it is too late.

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Rule of Law Under Attack in Zambia

“For my friends, anything; for my enemies, the law.” In Zambia, Michael Sata is using anti-corruption as a tool to eliminate multiparty democracy.

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President of Zambia Must Halt Civil Rights Abuses


The Coalition for the Defence of Democratic Rights (CDDR) of Zambia has called upon President Michael Sata to put a stop to the harassment, violence, and persecution of opposition political figures. In recent months, the Zambian authorities have blocked meetings, orchestrated electoral violence, and arrested and jailed critics of the ruling party.

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