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RA’s Daily Russia News Blast, August 11, 2014

TODAY: Russia looks to prevent food price hikes following import restrictions; new law bans anonymous wifi access in public; dacha activism; Garry Kasparov fights Kremlin for FIDE role.  Donetsk on verge of being recaptured by Ukraine, reports say; Putin-hosted Karabakh talks yield little; Russia-West energy cooperation stays strong. Having introduced a year long ban on half its agricultural […]

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RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 7, 2014

TODAY: Pro-Russian stronghold Slovyansk retaken by Ukrainian forces; Tatar leader banned from Crimea by Kremlin; Russians feel the pinch of sanctions. Putin reaches out to Obama; punishment for protesters tightened; Internet freedom attack enshrined in law; Putin’s star treatment. Slovyansk, the town in eastern Ukraine which served as the rebels’ military headquarters has been recaptured by […]

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RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – April 30, 2014

TODAY: Moscow mulls retaliatory sanctions; Gazprom warns of possible export disruption; Luhansk latest city in Ukraine to fall to Russian separatists; tight new blogging laws; fire kills 10 at arms depot. The Foreign Ministry has asserted that Moscow retains the right to respond to sanctions imposed by Washington, but cooperation between the two countries is […]

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RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – April 29, 2014

TODAY: Putin insiders, including Igor Sechin, added to U.S. sanction lists; will they be effective? Gazprom among firms that fear effects. Mayor of Kharkiv shot;  Kremlin wary of NATO troops; Navalny fraud case; Kremlin wages war on Internet freedom; homophobia. The U.S. has named seven high-ranking individuals, among them Rosneft chief Igor Sechin, whom it […]

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RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – April 25, 2014

TODAY: Kiev and Moscow dig heels in over crisis; Russia launches drills, Kiev demands explanation; Washington highly critical.  Sanctions prompt S&P ratings cut; Navalny faces another six months of house arrest; Putin offers his take on the origins of the Internet. The situation in eastern Ukraine has reportedly deteriorated, after Ukrainian forces killed up to five […]

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RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – April 24, 2014

TODAY: Lavrov blasts Kiev and U.S. as Ukraine situation intensifies; Moscow threatens retaliation; NATO jets scrambled. VTB vows to stay in NYC; most Russians optimistic Ukraine crisis will not lead to Russia’s isolation.  Russia-Canadia diplomatic spat; Duma seeks control over foul language.  Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who has accused the West of attempting to stage […]

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Digital Gitmo


There is a prevailing attitude in Washington today that the rights of certain people and businesses can be suspended at their choosing. This weakens rule of law and creates huge risks for our future. Megaupload may be a well known victim, but it will not be the last.

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Identity Politics

Russia is taking a number of steps to assert its views on key issues of minorities and free speech of late.  The Kremlin’s move to impose a nationwide ban on ‘homosexual propaganda‘, for example, makes a stark contrast to yesterday’s news that the U.K. parliament voted in favour of same-sex marriage. Sergei Markov argues in […]

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RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Dec 10, 2012

TODAY: British artists fall foul of extremism law; Russia vows response to Magnitsky sanctions, restricts U.S. meat imports. Megafon buys half of Euroset; Exxon Mobil and Rosneft set for Siberian cooperation; Russia seeks new Internet controls. Graft responsible for major losses from state budget; Mormons; protests. Russian prosecutors have launched a probe into whether the Chapman Brothers’ exhibition […]

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Russia Looks to Become a Leader in Online Repression

Move over, Thailand – here comes Russia looking to claim the title as the most technologically advanced censorship machine. Today Russia is launching its “single register” of banned websites (which can be viewed here), which solves the previous inconvenience of each region decided which sites to ban.  Now the “great firewall of Russia” has gone […]

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