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The 2013 Resource Nationalism Checklist

The list is our attempt to respond to what we see as a relatively underdeveloped marketplace of ideas when it comes to scenario planning for expropriation, unfair regulatory intervention, nationalizations, and resource nationalism events that have an impact on foreign investors in emerging markets.

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Video: Maplecroft on Resource Nationalism

Over on the FT’s Beyond Brics blog, a very interesting video interview with James Smither, associate director at risk consultancy Maplecroft, on how shifts in commodity prices can undermine a country’s resource leverage and the more nuanced ways revenue can be retained within domestic borders. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share […]

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Pray for Chávez (Really)

Writing at the Weekly Standard, Vanessa Neumann re-emphasizes the reason why, for the sake of Venezuela’s future, you should root for Hugo Chávez to come back to see his system of governance completely destroyed by the disaster he created.  If not, there is the risk of martyrdom, because whomever is going to be the next […]

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Minimising Political Risk in Frontier Markets

From Venezuela to South Africa to Indonesia, we have observed policies of resource nationalism that respond to ideological imperatives. In Canada and Australia similar problems arise out of suddenly aggressive tax regimes based on financial imperatives. And lastly, in challenging markets such as Central Asia as well as China, you have risks of state intervention guided by arcane clan politics and internal power dynamics.

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RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Dec 14, 2012

TODAY: Russia admits possibility of Syrian rebel victory; Putin suggests measured response to Magnitsky bill; EBRD says Russia failing to diversify economy; Rosneft seeks capital. Clear Russian involvement in Litvinenko case, says British coroner; protestors keen on Dec 15 march despite ban; Lady Gaga defends gay rights. ‘One must look facts in the face’: Mikhail Bogdanov, Russia’s deputy […]

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The New Cartelisation

Remember a few years ago when Russia was having fun talking about a natural-gas OPEC?  It was largely derided at the time considering wildly different nature of the trade of this commodity (not the same spot market as oil), and then wholly forgotten when the shale boom crashed prices. But it would be a mistake […]

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Boom Times for Mozambique


Four of the five largest oil and gas discoveries in the world this year have been made the waters off Mozambique, while the country has averaged above 8% growth for a decade. What are you waiting for?

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RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Oct 30, 2012

TODAY: Putin approves Gazprom’s plans to tap Asian market; internal disputes threaten A Just Russia; NYC exhibition on plight of Russia’s gay community; Lavrov discusses human rights with Lukashenko; Dagestan lawyer’s courage praised with award; Putin’s Obama vote. In a ceremony led by Vladimir Putin, Gazprom officially launched production at the Bovanenkovo field on the […]

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RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Oct 4, 2012

TODAY: Alleged spy ring rumbled in U.S.; children’s charity considering Russia exit; Putin sets voting day to  advantage of ruling party; Solidarity activist sought; Evraz expands; Lithuania files suit with Gazprom. U.S. authorities have accused Kazakh-born Alexander Fishenko, along with 10 others, of stealing military technology for Russia.  The Foreign Ministry has refuted claims that […]

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RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – August 15, 2012

TODAY: Psychologists question prosecution’s analysis of Pussy Riot, free members pledge to continue protest actions; Orthodox priest’s car crash raises questions about church ethics; prisoners attempt mass suicide; gay asylum seekers; actor to play major role in Right Cause; Russian submarine lurks in U.S. waters. As the Pussy Riot verdict looms, around 100 Russian psychologists […]

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