RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – June 29, 2015

TODAY: Orthodox Church condemns SCOTUS decision on same sex marriage; Bulgaria touted as next Russian target as poll reveals over half of Russians afraid of war with the West; yoga crackdown, foreign film crackdown, ice-cream crackdown; former PM Primakov dies.

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – June 25, 2015

TODAY: Nato defends new defence moves against Russian aggression, prepares to re-haul nuclear weapons strategy; E.U. boosting independent media to counter Kremlin propaganda; head of consumer protection group says Putin is misinformed; Duma deputy accuses U.S. of involvement in Armenian unrest; Ponomarev charged with embezzlement; Putin popularity at all-time high.

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Jan 9, 2014

TODAY: Carry-on liquids banned from flights across the country; actor slurs gay community again; Patriarch Kirill cheers inmates, Church attacked over Stalin calendar; officials accused of poaching; Russia blocks U.N.’s Syria statement; Vanity Fair talks to Masha Gessen; Regina Derieva obituary. As part of heightened security measures implemented in Sochi in the run-up to the […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Jan 7, 2014

TODAY: Putin celebrates Orthodox Christmas; security deployed in Sochi, victims of bombs still hospitalised; Khodorkovsky vows to campaign for political prisoners; Church has ‘gay system’; Usmanov is Russia’s richest; Syria to offer Russian for schoolchildren. Orthodox Russians are celebrating Christmas today; President Vladimir Putin attended a service at Sochi’s new church.  Over 30,000 police officers […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Jan 2, 2014

TODAY: Putin meets bomb victims in Volgograd, gives two New Year’s speeches; Strategy 31 protesters detained; adoption agreement with U.S. lapses; Orthodox academic sacked over blog posts; Pozner receives French honour; Tolokonnikova models for brand website. President Vladimir Putin flew to Volgograd to meet the victims of this week’s double suicide bombings and to discuss […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Dec 30, 2013

TODAY: Double terror attack hits Volgograd, sparking fears of Olympic terror; Moscow will seek to freeze Khodorkovsky compensation; Putin’s 2013 victories; Rosneft’s Morgan Stanley buy; theatre employees threatened over Pussy Riot screening; VKontakte sued; drugs bill seeks to punish NGOs. One day after a bomb attack killed 16 people in Volgograd’s central railway station, a second […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Oct 7, 2013

TODAY: Olympic flame lands in Moscow; investigation reveals vast surveillance operations planned for Sochi games; Amnesty protest barred. Netherlands launches proceedings over detention of 30 Greenpeace activists; protests in support of the detainees abound.  Putin absent from United Russia conference; trade spat with Lithuania. As the Olympic flame reached Moscow in an ‘elaborate’ ceremony, an […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 12, 2013

TODAY: Reactions to ‘shameful’ Magnitsky verdict pour in; Washington condemns the charge against dead lawyer; corruption in armed forces mounting, says new poll. Churkin decries Western reaction to Syria; Russia likely to throw spanner in Arctic conservation works. Gay tourists to face fines under propaganda laws; Orthodox activists find new way to neutralise Pussy Riot; […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 9, 2013

TODAY: Journalist gunned down in Dagestan; dissidents fall foul of authorities in Perm discussion forum; Orthodox church TV spreads its tentacles. Moscow raises doubts about Syria’s peace prospects. Government employee pay rise raises eyebrows; tycoon receives state title; head of Bolshoi replaced. Akhmednabi Akhmednabiyev, a journalist from Dagestan’s weekly Novoe Delo, has been found dead from multiple […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – June 7, 2013

TODAY: Bolotnaya Square protesters’ detentions extended; Putin and wife announce divorce; Kasparov’s exile snubbed by Investigative Committee; Medvedev says E.U. blocking Gazprom Nord Stream access; Central Bank to hold interest rates; Communists want Elton John to dress down. The trial against the 12 Bolotnaya Square protesters, charged with violence against police and participation in alleged […]