Already, A Unanimous Verdict for Navalny

Media sources are in agreement that Alexei Navalny is not going to win the September 8 election for Moscow Mayor.  At best, sources say, this election campaign has increases his fame and popularity enough to set him up for a future political career…if he does not go to jail.

“Anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny probably won’t become the next mayor of Moscow […] Even 20 percent would be a formidable result.” (Bloomberg)

“Polls show the  anti-corruption campaigner’s support at 10 per cent, though that figure is growing.” (Independent)

“Sobyanin’s approval rating has gone down slightly to 52 percent, whereas his key competitor Alexei Navalny would have got 11 percent of votes of the voting had taken place on Aug. 25.” (Moscow Times)

“While Navalny’s own pollsters claim he is on track to force a second round of voting, a Kremlin-friendly think tank recently reported that Navalny could possibly come in third in Moscow’s September election.” (Moscow Times)

“Navalny will not become mayor of Moscow, of course, at least not as a result of the coming election.” (New York Times)

“Navalny still has no chance of winning the race.” (Yulia Latynina)

“Navalny has little hope of defeating incumbent Sergei Sobyanin – but polls show his star is rising.” (Huffington Post)