Today in Russian Business – Oct 27, 2011

According to an analyst at Renaissance Capital: ‘Claims about Russia’s outsize income inequalities are simply wrong, and the current level of income inequality in Russia is just fine’ (by ‘fine’, it seems he means ‘in line with international standards’). Russian infrastructure will continue to attract expats in the coming years, suggests a Troika relocations manager.  Polymetal has received enough acceptances for a proposed share swap to raise expectations for its entrance into the FTSE 100.  Carlsberg will replace the head of Baltika, its Russia division, as slow market growth curbs expectation; the FT reports that Anton Artemiev stepped down ahead of the release of third-quarter results.  Sberbank is hoping to raise $1 billion from a syndicated loan during the current Russian liquidity squeeze.  Does Severstal’s North American unit really deserve a $730 million loan?  Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak says that Russia aims to continue offering domestic ruble debt this year.  The FT’s Lex column comments that the ongoing battle between Rusal and Norilsk Nickel ‘is a poor advertisement for Russian corporate governance‘.