“Gas Gangsterism” in Sakhalin

Today the Eurasia Daily Monitor reports on the “Gas Gangsterism” of Russia’s intereference at Sakhalin II. Ferguson notes that “Some within the Russian government are reportedly concerned that Russia’s image as a place for investment could be dealt a serious blow now that the highest-profile investment projects seem under fire.” Talk about the understatement of the year. With Abe feeling particularly assertive in Japan, and Exxon Mobile showing its willingness to express its displeasure with Russia, it seems we are only waiting for the Dutch to summon up the courage to tell the Kremlin when enough is enough. Is it possible that they have tipped their hand on Sakhalin? I still contend we will see this conflict get resolved with minimal drama in a backdoor, untransparent agreement, but the message has been made clear: Yukos is no longer just a noun for the Kremlin, but also a verb.