John McCain: “Putin is Using Energy as a Weapon”

mccain.jpg Quoted by the Wall Street Journal:

“It’s not how people speak, it’s how they act,” said Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.), speaking to reporters in Davos. “We’ve seen what happened with Belarus, we’ve seen what happened with major oil companies forced to sell. I don’t think there is any doubt that President [Vladimir] Putin is using energy as a weapon.”

Quoted by the Pittsburg Tribune-Review:

Trib: Share with America what a McCain presidency would look like. McCain: It would be a most strong and robust national security policy. It would mean lower taxes and less spending, I would veto most any appropriation bill that I have seen lately. It would mean eliminate wasteful and pork barrel spending and then it would mean reform Social Security and Medicare. Those are the two elephants in the room as far as the future of America is concerned. Social Security has a $6 trillion unfunded liability and Medicare a $40 trillion unfunded liability. There is no way that present day workers are going to receive the benefits that present day retirees have. So we are going to have to sit down and repair those. And of course if we have not done immigration reform by then, then we are going to have to immigration reform. The system has to be fixed. Those are some of the principles of a McCain presidency. What I would also again come back to is, we face major challenges in the world. The rise of China as a world power, the problems in our own hemisphere, Russia, with Putin trying to turn Russia into the Russian empire, Iran and their nuclear weapons. North Korea. You look around the world, and there are major challenges around the world, yet America is still the strongest nation in the world and we will prevail.