Kasparov to be Interrogated by FSB

The Financial Times is reporting that opposition leader Garry Kasparov will be brought in for questioning by the FSB for the potential charge of “inciting extremism.”

From the FT:Russian intelligence to quiz Kasparov over ‘inciting extremism’

A statement from Other Russia said Mr Kasparov had been summoned in connection with an interview he gave to Ekho Moskvy – a radio station known for its independence – on suspicion that he had violated laws against public incitement to extremist activity. Statements made in a newspaper published by his political group, United Civil Front, were being investigated for similar reasons.

The coalition said Mr Kasparov would comply with the summons.

Human rights groups had warned that toughened anti-extremism laws passed last year could be used against legitimate political groups. Mr Kasparov’s United Civil Front offices were raided by police looking for extremist material last December, though no action followed.