Orthodox Photoshop

The Orthodox Church is finding itself on the wrong side of controversy this week. Patriarch Kirill is usually the one dishing out the admonishments, but the shoe is on the other foot this time after bloggers spotted a photoshop  job on a photo of Kirill from 2009.  What’s missing from the picture above?  You’ll notice the ghostly reflection in the table of the $30,000 gold Breuget watch his holiness was wearing in the original photo, which was subsequently airbrushed out before the photo reappeared on the Church’s official website this week.  ABC has the story.

Vsevolod Chaplin, the church’s head spokesman, told the Russian blog Slon.ru, ”I do not care what watch he has; moreover, I do not remember what watch I have on my wrist, I would have to look. I am not interested in this side of life.”