Special Edition of the Departures Podcast with Dan Paget on Tanzania’s Botched Election

On Wednesday, October 28, 2020 the Republic of Tanzania held presidential elections. Though many feared that it would be neither free nor fair, what came to pass was much worse than could have been imagined. Robert Amsterdam, the host of this podcast, acts as an international attorney for the main opposition candidate in this election, […]

Complaint to the Commonwealth Secretariat on Tanzania Presidential Election Irregularities and Violations of the Harare Declaration

Amsterdam & Partners LLP, acting on behalf of it client Tundu Lissu, today officially filed the following complaint to the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Secretariat for Referral to the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) following numerous violations of the Harare Declaration by the regime of John Magufuli and serious irregularities in the presidential elections held […]

Lawyers for Tanzanian Opposition Leader Tundu Lissu Denounce Illegitimate Election Rigging in Filings to Commonwealth Secretariat, African Union

The following press release was distributed to media today: October 28, 2020 – The Commonwealth Secretariat and the African Union are being called up to investigate claims of electoral fraud, violence, and human rights violations which have delegitimized the presidential elections which took place in Tanzania on the 28th of October, according to a filing […]

Departures Podcast with Juan Méndez

From 1976-1983, a brutal military dictatorship disappeared some 30,000 citizens and arrested and tortured scores more in Argentina. As a young lawyer at the time known for representing dissidents and political prisoners, Juan Méndez himself was arrested and subjected to torture. The story of his career, rising to become the Special Rapporteur on Torture to […]

Departures Podcast with Jun Yoo

Korea is a deeply unique, complex, and interesting place in the world. Upended by repeated waves of war and occupation throughout its history, the modern nation has propulsively launched itself in the stratosphere culturally and economically and grown perhaps faster than any other. This presents undeniable benefits and prosperity, but also a number of accompanying […]

Open Letter to President of Tanzania John Pombe Magufuli

Today Amsterdam & Partners LLP is releasing the following open letter addressed to President John Magufuli. DOWNLOAD A PDF OF THE LETTER HERE. His Excellency John Magufuli President of The United Republic of Tanzania BY EMAIL ONLY 23 October 2020 Dear President Magufuli: As you know, this law firm represents Mr. Tundu Lissu, a citizen […]