RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – April 29, 2020

Today in Russia: Reports that Putin’s daughter may head the “Russian ‘Genome Project'” is met with lawsuit; Russia nears 100,000 cases, Moscow Region reaches plateau; DoD redirects Russia deterrence funds for Trump’s border wall; Gazprom workers protest over conditions; Vedomosti sale delayed; WSJ editorial criticizes clampdown at Vedomosti; Entry ban for foreigners extended

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – April 28, 2020

Today in Russia: Record levels of new cases and COVID-19 deaths, lockdown extended; Coronavirus in closed nuclear cities; Putin approval rating collapses; Saudi-Russian market share battle for oil; Russia doubles down in Iraq; Wheat and grain exports cut off; Senior FSB official connected to MH-17 disaster.

Departures Podcast with Peter Greenberg

I was especially looking forward to recording this episode of Departures with my friend Peter Greenberg, who is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and travel editor for CBS News that you may recognize from shows such as The Early Show or his earlier tours of duty on NBC and Good Morning America. As many of you […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – April 27, 2020

Today in Russia: Study suggests up to 10 percent of Muscovites may have been infected by COVID-19; Putin and Trump issue joint statement; A Russian operative and poison in Prague?; Economic problems “will clip Vladimir Putin’s wings”; On US-Russian relations; Kremlin says it does not expect oil to rebound anytime soon; Russia passes grim milestone, overtaking China in COVID-19 cases; More trouble at Vedomosti.

Departures Podcast with Brian Greenspan

Brian Greenspan is highly regarded as one of Canada’s foremost criminal law practitioners, having represented a wide variety of celebrities to some of the country’s top business groups. In this conversation with Departures host Robert Amsterdam, Greenspan shares his views on a diverse range of issues, including how he sees rule of law and criminal […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – April 24, 2020

Today in Russia: Central bank cuts rates; Central Bank head opposes cash handouts, fearing inflation; COVID-19 cases climb by nearly 6,000; China and Russia aligning on COVID-19 issues; Peskov denounces censorship at Vedomosti; Putin signs new Russian citizenship law, proposes reduction in visa red tape; Russian oil sector suffering; Meddling in North Macedonia?