RA on Bloomberg: Russia is not even trying to make the Khodorkovsky charges appear real

Robert Amsterdam appeared on Bloomberg Television today to discuss the rehashed charges filed against Mikhail Khodorkovsky (click here to watch the video).

“There’s nothing fair about this case,” Robert Amsterdam, a lawyer for Khodorkovsky, said today in a Bloomberg Television interview. “I don’t think they’re even trying to make these new charges look real.” (…) Amsterdam said the state’s treatment of Khodorkovsky echoed its behavior toward foreign companies such as oil firm BP Plc, which faces losing operational control of its Russian joint- venture. Most of TNK-BP’s foreign managers may have to leave Russia by the end of the month after Moscow authorities refused to renew their work permits. Giving into the Russian government, “as BP did, doesn’t buy you security,” Amsterdam said. “Until our companies and our governments understand that, others will suffer the fate that unfortunately BP is suffering today.”