Sergei Storchak, Hostage of the Clan Wars, is Released

Below is a translation of a piece of news from Interfax reporting on a court’s decision to release former Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak, who was the right-hand man of Russia’s last remaining financial liberal, Alexei Kudrin, who was taken down with a political case as part of the clan wars. It looks like someone in the Kremlin is very eager to create some good news that foreign investors might like to hear. What is particularly interesting about the court’s reasoning is that the investigation against Storchak has concluded, therefore his pre-trial detention is no longer necessary as he wouldn’t be able to tamper with evidence. Such a courtesy was never extended to Mikhail Khodorkovsky, proving once again the arbitrary and selective persecution against him – as though we were lacking in examples. sergeistorchak072408.jpgStorchak’s “Freedom” Deputy minister of finance Sergey Storchak is released from custody against a signed pledge not to leave town, because the investigation has been completed and the accused no longer can influence its course Moscow. 21 October. INTERFAX.RU – The Investigative committee attached to the procuracy (ICP) of the RF has adopted a decision about changing the measure of restraint for deputy minister of finance of the RF Sergey Storchak and the other figurant in this criminal case Viktor Zakharov. “The decision about changing the measure of restraint for former deputy minister of finance Storchak and other figuarnts the investigator adopted in connection with the fact that the investigation of the case is completed and the accused, being found at liberty, are already in no way be able to influence the results of the investigation”, – declared official representative of the ICP of the RF Vladimir Markin to “Interfax” on Tuesday. According to his words, from Storchak and Zakharov has been taken a signed pledge not to leave town and to behave appropriately. “Now the accuseds will be familiarizing themselves with the materials of the criminal case inside the walls of the Investigative committee attached to the procuracy of the RF”, – noted Markin.

He reported that on 9 October were completed investigative actions with respect to the criminal case “based on the fact of the attempted theft of monetary funds from the federal budget of the RF under the pretext of covering expenses, supposedly borne by ZAO “Sodexim”. “Within the framework of this case, – added the representative of the ICP, – are filed charges in a final redaction .against Storchak under para 3 of Art. 30, para 4 of Art. 159 (Attempted fraud) and para 2 of Art. 285 (Abuse of official authority) of the CC RF, as well as against Vadim Volkov and V.Zakharov – under para 4 of Art. 30, para 4 of Art. 159 CC RF (Attempted fraud)”.On the sixteenth of October the ICP reported that all the accused had begun familiarization with the materials of the criminal case. “As of today’s day Storchak has familiarized himself with four volume of the criminal case, Zakharov – with three, volkov – with fourteen volumes. In all the criminal case contains 76 volumes”, – was noted in the announcement of the ICP of 16 October.