RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – March 7, 2013

TODAY: Putin praises Chavez legacy, ministers say that contracts will not be affected; Gorbachev criticises Kremlin ‘thieves’; Georgian wine imports to resume; Russian-speakers fighting in Syria; Chinese and Czech investments; Udaltsov house arrest upheld; journalist’s bravery commended. President Vladimir Putin praised the legacy of ‘close friend’ Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, calling him ‘an unorthodox and strong […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – March 6, 2013

TODAY: U.N. ambassador calls Chavez death ‘a tragedy’, cooperation with Venezuela to continue; dancer confesses to Bolshoi attack; Navalny blows whistle on Andrei Turchak; new charges against Browder; General Electric teams up with Sakhalin; life expectancy, ethnic minorities, Ivanov remembers Putin as a young spy.  Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s ambassador to the U.N., called the death […]

Pray for Chávez (Really)

Writing at the Weekly Standard, Vanessa Neumann re-emphasizes the reason why, for the sake of Venezuela’s future, you should root for Hugo Chávez to come back to see his system of governance completely destroyed by the disaster he created.  If not, there is the risk of martyrdom, because whomever is going to be the next […]

Tropical Kremlinology

As I blogged the other day, Venezuela’s populist dynamo Hugo Chávez has left the country yet again for more cancer treatments in Cuba, possibly for the last time.  In his absence:  intricate clan wars among the ruling party, an aspiring opposition, and a staggering heap of social ills.  Francisco Toro writes in The New Republic on […]

21st Century Dictatorships

I am just getting around to posting this one even though it is a few days old. William Dobson makes a pretty clear argument regarding the forms and methods of today’s authoritarian states, which are able to hide behind a narrow sheen of minimal imitations of democracy and rule of law. Modern strongmen are more […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Sept 28, 2012

TODAY: Sobchak cleared of tax evasion; Deripaska and Cherney settle; opposition to hold ‘free and fair’ elections online; deputies and diplomats accuse Europe of Russophobia; Gazprom seeks up front payments from China; Belarus saves $1 billion in duties; corruption-related crimes on the rise; Putin’s puppy for Chavez. Ksenia Sobchak, the socialite-turned-political activist, has been cleared […]