RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 5, 2017

TODAY: Flurry of agreements signed upon Jinping’s visit to Moscow; China and Russia close ranks over US response to North Korea missile test; Germany anticipates fake news leaks during its elections, courtesy of Moscow; Kremlin defiant of Serbia’s EU orientation; plans to deploy military to police de-escalation zones in Syria; Kremlin does not wish to […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – March 4, 2014

TODAY: Lavrov defends military action in Crimea as the protection of Russian citizens; Churkin indicates deployment requested by Yanukovych; some troops return, but new drills begin; web content linked to Ukraine protest movement blocked.  International condemnation continues; Moscow looks to Beijing for support; economic outcomes analysed.  Nationalist attacks decrease; Russian billionaires remain strong. In an address […]

The 2013 Resource Nationalism Checklist

The list is our attempt to respond to what we see as a relatively underdeveloped marketplace of ideas when it comes to scenario planning for expropriation, unfair regulatory intervention, nationalizations, and resource nationalism events that have an impact on foreign investors in emerging markets.

Will Kenya Learn from History?

With the Kenyan economy projected to grow by 5% this year, the credibility of the upcoming elections will be key determinant in gauging international confidence and foreign investment in the system left behind by President Kibaki.

Sticky Stagnation: Russia’s Economy in 2013

The following is an English translation of an article by economist Oleg Biklemishev published in Novaya Gazeta which outlines some of the main economic challenges Russia is facing headed into 2013. Sticky Stagnation 2012 The system is not ready for development Year 2012 is becoming economic history. After a month or two, the experts will […]