RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – August 30, 2013

TODAY: Russia sends warships to Mediterranean, will team up with Iran to prevent Syria attack; Belarus to open criminal case against Kerimov, Moscow warns on oil cuts; Sobyanin cancels pre-election call-in show; Moscow to spend $54 bn on infrastructure; new law bans politicians from owning foreign assets; Golos denied funding; Alexeyev quits gay rights work. […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Dec 28, 2012

TODAY: Adoption bill causes anguish among U.S. families; Duma proposition to ban foreigners from television work; Lavrov says time running out on Syria; Magnitsky verdict expected; Serdyukov appears for questioning; Nashi going abroad.  News that President Vladimir Putin will sign into law a bill banning U.S. citizens from adopting Russian orphans will cause ‘anguish’ among […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – August 21, 2012

TODAY: Nashi leader wants Duma Deputy investigated; banks may be asked to disclose private information; Putin intervenes in Norilsk Nickel dispute; police searching for Voina members still at large; Alexei Kudrin concerned that Pussy Riot case damages Russia’s business propositions; grain forecasts cut; Yandex searches increase. A leader of pro-Kremlin youth group Nashi has asked […]

At Lake Seliger, Opposition Refuses To Take The Bait

The annual Nashi youth camp held at Lake Seliger has, since its inception in 2005, traditionally served as a breeding ground for eager young Putin acolytes. Whilst typically offering spectacular views of the lake and alarmingly Riefenstahlesque scenes of mass gymnastics, the Moscow Times notes that this year the camp has somewhat changed its emphasis.  With […]

A Preview of Putin’s Election Rhetoric

Vladimir Putin made a televised visit to the annual Nashi summer camp at Seliger yesterday, and, as might be expected, he tailored his messages for the domestic audience.  Forget economic modernization, forget global leadership in helping solve Libya and Syria, forget liberalization and changes to the criminal code – just go straight to the nationalist […]