An Affront to Rule of Law in Brazil

Today Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was impeached and removed from office. She did not face a court of law or a judge, but rather a trial before her peers in Congress, 60% of whom are facing formal criminal charges themselves. My view on the this flawed impeachment process and what it means for Brazil, was […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 23, 2013

TODAY: Legal experts sign open letter against prohibitive Duma as analysts debate Navalny release; Dutch filmmakers held under homosexual propaganda law; Investigative Committee looking into Oboronservis property sales; 100 musicians sign Pussy Riot letter of support; former Tula governor sentenced; Gazprom, PetroChina, Rosatom. Over 50 legal experts and law professors in Russia have signed an […]

Time for International Action on Zambia

It is time to acknowledge that Zambia’s democracy is in crisis. The government willingly breaks the law and is set on destroying the competitive multiparty system. It is time for international action before it is too late.

Law as a Weapon

Journalist William Partlett has a very interesting piece in The National Interest on Vladimir Putin’s unusual relationship with the judiciary. By tolerating lawlessness in return for personal loyalty, Putin’s lawfare state therefore violates the central principle of conservative liberalism: its insistence on clear and rigidly enforced legal rules.

Rule of Law Under Attack in Zambia

“For my friends, anything; for my enemies, the law.” In Zambia, Michael Sata is using anti-corruption as a tool to eliminate multiparty democracy.

Taisiya Osipova: Victim of Russian Justice

As the Pussy Riot storm passes out of the public eye somewhat, more press attention is focusing on the case of Taisiya (or Taisia) Osipova, who has been given an eight-year prison sentence – twice that recommended by her prosecutors – on widely contested drugs charges.  Osipova is a diabetic, mother of a toddler, and […]

The Rules to the Justice Game

In anticipation of this morning’s verdict in the Pussy Riot trial, The New Times conducted an investigation into the judges that have presided over the trial thus far, including Marina Syrova, the Khamovnichesky district court judge who will read out the Pussy Riot verdict.  They uncovered some disturbing facts. 1.  Of the 180 verdicts issued […]

Pussy Riot Charges Illegal

An independent group of experts, the Independent Judicial Expertise Council, has reviewed the case of Pussy Riot, together with the lyrics of the punk anthems they performed in the Orthodox Church, and come to the conclusion that their ongoing incarceration (extended this week for another 30 days despite requests for bail and calls for clemency […]