Elite Corruption, American-Style

In light of my post yesterday on the Bo Xilai trial, I came across this interesting bit published on Walter Russell Mead’s blog: Here in the United States, our unprincipled politicians and greedy business elite have engaged in orgies of nepotism for a long time now. And the practice seems to be gaining momentum with […]

Shevtsova’s Russia Reality Check

Seems like everyone is talking about what the next U.S. policy toward Russia will consist of following the collapse of the reset.  Much of that, of course, will depend on what kinds of signals we see from Moscow.  On the one hand, there are those who believe that a softer approach is coming.  But others […]

Who’s Afraid of Kim Dotcom?

But you don’t have to like Kim’s style – you may hold any opinion you wish – but what’s important is that his rights have been arbitrarily and selectively violated.

Russia’s Chaos Theory in the Middle East

As I was going through my weekly reading of academic journal articles, I came across an interesting set of arguments on Russia’s strategies and objectives in the Middle East by the British American Security Information Council.  Author Shivani Handa takes a crack at explaining the ambiguous motives behind Russia’s policies toward Iran and Syria, but […]