The Polittechnologist: The Cowardice of Thieves

[RA’s anonymous political technologist in Russia sends in his latest dispatch…] The Cowardice of Thieves Polittechnologist.gif By The Polittechnologist Apologies for the long delay since my last posting. It’s just that I’ve been observing the unfolding of events that were actually quite predictable. And I wanted to give readers of the blog a chance to observe for themselves and try to reach their own conclusions about these events. In fact, it would be interesting to read some of your opinions about all that’s going on with Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev. So I’m hoping to get some feedback from you. And now, as promised in my last posting, a few words about the cowardice of those who are trying to steal everything from Khodorkovsky – including his life. Criminals are always cowards. Otherwise they’re not criminals. Having stolen property from the true owners of YUKOS, the thieves are starting to fear retribution. They understand that it will come; they just don’t know from what quarter. They’re scared. Want proof? Look no further than the insane accusations they’re making against Leonid Nevzlin, or the snipers on the roofs of the buildings around the courthouse and jail in Chita. As they see it, someone’s going to pay for this theft. At this point, only Nevzlin is still at large and able to act freely. They are afraid of him, and the way they are trying to do battle with him is beyond ridiculous. “Nevzlin poisoned Litvinenko and killed YUKOS shareholder Golubovich.” That’s what the Kremlin thieves think. They’re wrong, because they know perfectly well who actually poisoned Litvinenko. They have a split personality. People get sent to mental institutions for that. They’re afraid Khodorkovsky will run away, so they’re keeping him under tight security. Or, more precisely, they’re keeping themselves under tight security as protection from him. He’s not running anywhere, and that scares them even more, because nothing’s happening. Nobody’s attacking the forgotten little Siberian town. It’s not Khodorkovsky’s money they’re afraid of. You can always steal money (which they’re doing with considerable success). What you can’t steal are ideas. Khodorkovsky’s enemies sitting in the Kremlin have inconceivably large amounts of money. But they don’t have ideas. Stalin and Hitler had ideas, and the people of their countries believed in these ideas. Today’s power in Moscow doesn’t have a thing. If they’re attacked, the people won’t come out to defend them. This is their main fear. Mikhail Khodorkovsky has ideas. They may be bad or they may be good, but at least he has them. Mikhail Khodorkovsky came up with the phrase “Open Russia”. His enemies were already scared then – he’d thought of something, but they hadn’t. Trembling, they started developing “United Russia”, “Just Russia”… They even tried to steal ideas! But they couldn’t. I once spoke to a person from the Russian provinces who had participated in some “Open Russia” projects. He said that a whole community of people had formed in his little town who clearly understand what their rights are. And who can voluntarily get together if the need arises. Nobody from “United Russia” or “Just Russia” gets together voluntarily. They are always invited. The founders of these organizations inside Kremlin understand this, and they are afraid. This fear gnaws at their gangsterish souls from the inside. They become even more cruel and evil. Their cowardice becomes conspicuous. They are desperate and capable of anything. A nice rest cure in a psychiatric hospital would do them good… You don’t think so? Drop me a line.