Why They March in Russia

From the Observer’s comment section, “Russia’s great leap backwards,” by Oksana Chelysheva.

And why have I joined the marches? Because I am furious with the arrogance of the Kremlin, who consider themselves masters of our flesh and fate. I don’t want to feel the eyes of the police following me all the time. I want to be able to move around my city and country freely. I don’t want my telephone to be tapped. I don’t want my friends to be killed. I don’t want to receive any more death threats that remain uninvestigated. I want my daughter to live in the Russia that I love and admire. That’s the Russia of great culture and beautiful nature. It is not Putin’s Russia that has alienated the countries of the free world, while cherishing allies from Hamas, Syria and North Korea. I feel furious with the Kremlin’s arrogant certainty that we are just a herd who need to have a shepherd. I have participated in the marches to feel and become free.