Dreams of Annexation

It’s been a while since we’ve heard news from that other problematic frozen conflict in Moldova, Transnistria, where separatists groups are more hopeful than ever that the invasion and occupation of regions of Georgia by Russian military forces could eventually set precedent for their own annexation back to the perceived mother country.  While many observers […]

Grigory Pasko: Deng Xiao Putin

Deng Xiao Pu and his team Grigory Pasko, journalist Recently in the Russian mass information media there appeared a publication, the main theme of which was – the rating of the broadcast “A Talk with Vladimir Putin”, which had been demonstrated to Russians on 5 December of this year. According to this rating, the teleconversation […]

Video: Russia Hopes to be High on Obama’s Agenda

A Criminal Judiciary

In relation to my earlier posting of Garry Rodan’s article, below is an extract of a book review of Beyond Suspicion? The Singapore Judiciary by Francis T. Seow, written by Australian academic Michael D. Barr.  I don’t think that I will be the only one who sees a positively chilling reminder of some experiences in […]

Singapore Responds to Chee

Earlier this month Garry Rodan had a great article in the Far Eastern Economic Review about Dr. Chee Soon Juan, the Singapore opposition leader facing a long campaign of savage repression by the local authorities.  I assist in Dr. Chee’s international legal defense effort. Singapore’s authorities already enjoy a reputation as the world’s most litigation […]

Uncommon Sense in Pipeline Politics

There’s a confusing editorial today in the Boston Globe, which draws heavily on the assumption that it is up to President-elect Barack Obama to draw up a plan to intervene in the Russia-Ukraine natural gas supply disputes, and that the key thing for him to do is withdraws support from any talks between NATO and […]

Energy Blast – Dec 29, 2008

The Ukraine natural gas crisis with Gazprom remains in crisis as a delegation from Kiev arrives in Moscow to negotiate – possible solutions may include future fees or even economic sanctions.  Bolivian Energy Minister Saul Avalos has told the Mexican media that initial investment from Russia in Bolivian gas fields will reach $4 million.  A […]

Today in Russian Business – Dec 29, 2008

In trading on Monday, the Russian ruble again fell to a record low against the euro as the Central Bank again widened the band to loosen its defense of the currency.  State bank Vnesheconombank (VEB) spent $26 billion on infrastructure projects in 2008, designed to help small- and medium-sized business growth.  Worldwide steel production is […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Dec. 29, 2008

TODAY: China and Russia establish high military links, Putin holds cabinet meeting on crisis, promising continuity, Stalin comes in third, predictions of a U.S. collapse, Gaddafi defends Russia, anger over Israel’s Gaza bombings, Gazprom-Ukraine deadlock continues, and a new film production of a 1968 science fiction story resonates strongly with today’s Russia. Today top military […]

Dogs on a Chain in Russia

By the time you read this exclusive translation, the original article will probably have been pulled from the net by censors. We found this remarkable posting in the “Forum” section of the official website of the MVD RF – the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation – the siloviki agency responsible for, among […]