A Day after the Domodedovo Attacks, Anger

The reactions are pouring in across the social media sphere.  From AFP:

“Putin received practically unlimited power,” wrote blogger Mikhail Maglov, “he limited media freedoms… he took our right to vote for governors… But here is the result: from 2000 to 2009 the number of acts of terror increased sixfold.” (…)

“As soon as society begins to worry, an act of terror happens in Russia, erasing people’s memories,” wrote blogger thedot-ru on a Livejournal blog. “I see a trend here.” (…)

“Why is (Interior Minister Rashid) Nurgaliyev still minister?” asked Steppl_. “There has not been one dismissal of a senior official in the FSB security service or the interior ministry in the past 10 years.”