A Peculiar Accident

Here’s a story of a peculiar accident from the Daily Mail, but interestingly enough, the tax authorities re-opened their claims against the British Council several days earlier.

A British diplomat in Moscow knocked over a pedestrian who turned out to be a senior Russian spy.

The accident threatens to reopen a simmering diplomatic row between London and Moscow which has seen British officials intimidated and institutions closed.

Andrew Sheridan, 35, told police he was driving his official Ford Mondeo on General Dorokhov Street in western Moscow when the pedestrian walked out from behind a parked car, giving him no time to stop. (…)

The Russians later revealed that the man he hit, causing head injuries and a broken leg, was a colonel in the FSB, the successor to the KGB.

He was named as Alexander T, 38, apparently to help to hide his identity. He works for an elite academy training agents for frontline duties, including securing borders.