Alexei Frenkel Appeals Murder Conviction

Lawyers for Alexei Frenkel, the former banker who was recently convicted by a Russian court for ordering the murder of central banker Andrei Kozlov, have announced they are lodging an appeal, citing the violations of his rights throughout the process of the trial:

“We will submit a detailed appeal,” Koblyev said. “We are not going to raise questions about whether Alexei Frenkel’s guilt has been proven or not. We are going to list the violations of the law that happened during the trial.”

I am wondering when any journalist is going to remember that there is an ongoing investigation by Austrian prosecutors into the Kozlov murder, and numerous doubts about the theory held by the prosecutors.  Read more about the still unconcluded Raiffeisen Russia scandal here and here, written by the exiled journalist Natalia Morari.

It seems clear that digging into this whole Kozlov murder/money laundering/natural gas racket is not good for one’s career.