Amnesty on the Plight of Russian Human Rights Workers

Coming ahead of Human Rights Day, Amnesty International has a press release demanding the Russian government to put a stop to the persecution of activitists over the number of months, referring to Alexei Sokolov, Oleg Orlov, and many others:

On 31 October, Zarema Gaisanova, a staff member of a humanitarian organization, was abducted from her home in Grozny at the time of a security operation reportedly overseen in the area by President Kadyrov. She has not been seen since and there are serious concerns for her safety.

“Persecuting human rights defenders or independent journalists for their criticism of the authorities amounts to harassment and contradicts Russia’s commitments made as a party to international human rights treaties.”

“We want to see a strong and real commitment from the Russian authorities to end attacks on human rights defenders and humanitarian workers. It depends on their political will to create a climate where those responsible are brought to justice.”