Amsterdam & Peroff Welcomes Addition of Lawyer Vladimir Gladyshev

vladimir_gladyshev.jpgAfter many years of close collaboration on a number of cases, Amsterdam & Peroff LLP is pleased announce the appointment of Moscow-based lawyer Vladimir Gladyshev as Consultant to the firm, extending our presence to serve clients’ needs in the Russian Federation and CIS.

Vladimir Gladyshev graduated with honors from the School of Law at the Moscow Institute of Foreign Relations (MGIMO). He served in the as legal diplomat on treaties in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 15 years, dealing with the issues of the law of the sea, Arctics and Antarctica.  In his last five years at the Ministry, he was posted to the Russian Embassy to Spain.

In 1994 Gladyshev established a private practice, representingforeign companies in Russian courts in more than 400 individual cases.He has been an outside attorney for Procter and Gamble in Russia since1997.

Mr. Gladyshev has on several occasions provided expert testimony inforeign courts and international arbitrations on the issues of Russianand international law, most notably in several extradition cases withrespect to managers of Yukos, and during the hearings brought by theseparties against the Russian Federation under Energy Charter Treaty.

Amsterdam & Peroff LLP actively collaborates with Mr. Gladyshevin two ongoing cases – a major contract-based investment arbitrationrepresenting a US investor against Russian authorities, and advising andrepresenting Mina Corp. – the supplier of the jet fuel to the ManasTransit Center in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.

Mr. Gladyshev is a Doctor of Law (Kandidat yuridicheskikh nauk), and admitted as Member of the Russian Bar.