An Innovative Recession Policy

The never-boring Vladimir Zhirinovsky has some innovative suggestions for Russian citizens economically struggling under the recession – stop shaving, getting haircuts, or using soaps and deodorants – because that’s what he does in the lean times.  Of course this is the same guy who proposed trading Turkish pistachios for natural gas.  From Joshua Keating via JRL via RIA Novosti:

“I have been thrifty. I am not having my hair cut. My hair has already grown longer than ever. I only shave every other day. I eat very little. I never go out. I never invite anyone over to my place. I don’t buy presents for anyone and I am asking people not to buy anything for me. I am not travelling anywhere,” he said.

Zhirinovskiyrecommended “saving reasonably” and said that this would result inreduced spending. He made several suggestions: “There is no need to buynew clothes. They can be swapped with others. I am prepared to give acouple of suits to someone, several pairs of shoes, a wristwatch. Whygo shopping? Turn to each other to get what you would otherwise have toget from a shop.”

Zhirinovskiy also said there was no need tospend money on personal hygiene products because “all these arechemical and hazardous”. Fewer newspapers should be bought because thesame newspaper can be shared “by all next-door neighbours” or perhaps”the entire block”, he continued.