Anarchism in the RF

bakunin032310.jpgWell this one is entertaining but not surprising.  RFE/RL picks up on a a controversial argument from a blogger generating a buzz in Russia which proposes that the only way forward out of the crisis of poor governance in Russia is… well, a return to anarchy.  Bakunin lives on, at least in some minds.

He paints a dire picture of contemporary Russia, recounting IKEA’s run-in with the authorities, or the case of Hermitage Capital Management investor William Browder and the subsequent scandal that erupted over Browder’s advocate Sergei Magnitsky, who was jailed and died after one year in prison.

He also notes the decay in Russian law-enforcement agencies, with its corruption and cover-ups and the shooting spree of police major Yevsyukov, which Loshak says marks a turning point in public consciousness.

That the corrupt state is responsible for this misery is not a surprising conclusion, but anarchy as the solution? With Russia these days mostly in the bellicose conservative-chauvinistic corner, suggesting anarchism seems to be rare and unexpected.