Another Spy Honored in Russia

george_blake1114.jpgA couple of days ago we blogged about an award ceremony prepared by the Russian government to celebrate their most famous Cold War atomic spy, who brought nuclear secrets to Moscow direct from the Manhattan Project. Now Russia is holding ceremonies to celebrate another spy, this time the British double agent George Blake, who “delivered a double humiliation to Britain at the height of the Cold War, first by reportedly betraying dozens – hundreds, some say – of Western agents while working for MI6 and then by staging a daring escape from his London prison in 1966.” It seems fair to assume that Russia is giving the UK a poke in the eye for their honorary event for Soviet turncoat Oleg Gordievsky, the latest in an endless series of tit-for-tat gestures between feuding governments. It is interesting to note that so many political challenges between Russia and the West always seem to come back to obsessively debating the historical narrative of the Cold War. Read more about the incredible story of George Blake here – Siberian Light also has some new developments.