Anti-Putin Petition

70F29ACF-7BF2-4227-B759-C1897DCF0D3C_w527_s.jpgGetting the cold shoulder from the art world isn’t much of a surprise when you oversee the banning of exhibitions, allow for the arrest of an artist for taking your image in vain and, lest we forget, flirt occasionally with watercolors, but the petition calling for the stepping down of Vladimir Putin, which started within the arts community, seems to be making waves beyond the intellectual elite, according to RFE/RL.  What with yesterday’s allegations that Medvedev plans to start his own party implying the chasm in the diarchy widening, could Mr Putin be feeling any pressure?

As apparently the site upon which it originally appears has fallen victim to hacking, the Power Vertical provides a full translation of the petition against Putin here.