Attacks on the Opposition Increase

A friend at a major news outlet has forwarded me a news brief from Solidarnost and United Civic Front leader Garry Kasparov on the rapidly rising number of violent attacks against opposition members in recent weeks.  In just ten days, three members of the group’s leadership have been severely beaten by unknown attackers.  Lev Ponomarev was attacked near his home on March 31.  Yelena Vasilyeva, a member of the Solidarity Political Council, was beaten on the train on her way back from a founding meeting in Tambov.  Lastly, Stanislav Yakovlev, lost two teeth and had his nose broken in a demonstration outside the All Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow.  Kasparov said “Obviously, a series of assaults can have only one goal, that is to intimidate people,” said Kasparov.

In other news, we would like to wish Mr. Kasparov, who turns 46 today, a very happy birthday.  Congratulations, Garry.