Audio: RA Interview with Alan Jones

During his visit to Australia, Robert Amsterdam and Grigory Pasko stopped by for an interview with Australia’s number one news broadcaster, Alan Jones of 2GB (Macquarie National News), to talk about Australia’s trade relations with Russia and the uranium issue. The audio recording of the interview can be heard here, and a few excerpts are below.


AUDIO: Russia is not a state to sell uranium to: Pasko, Amsterdam

Australia is being urged not to sell uranium to Russia, because there are no safeguards in place. Russian president Vladimir Putin will be attending the APEC Summit in Sydney this week, amid claims his country is riddled with inequity and corruption. Human rights lawyer Robert Amsterdam has told Alan Jones, Mr Putin is a law unto himself and the international community is turning a blind eye. “The complicity of Western governments and their silence up until now has presented a false image of Mr Putin,” he said. “People inside Russia understand the loss of freedom that has occurred and the absolute lawlessness within the country. There is simply no one accountable.” “Without the rule of law you simply can’t trust, what is presented as a government, to protect its citizens – let alone the people of the world – from the kind of nuclear risks that will ensue with this uranium.”