Austria’s Original Error in Templ Case

We’ve published a number of updates here regarding my client, Stephan Templ, who is facing persecution by the Austrian authorities over a restitution claim. Now these updates will be featured on a dedicated website,, specifically relating to the case.

Here’s an extract from the latest post, The Original Error of the Case against Stephan Templ:

The Austrian government has been forthright in acknowledging that they own many properties that were illegally looted from their original Jewish owners by the Nazis before and during the Second World War. But what is shocking is that they are now claiming to be victims when the original owners request restitution of the stolen assets.

That’s exactly what is happening in the persecution of Stephan Templ, who in seven months is due to begin serving a jail sentence, representing a travesty of justice with undeniable overtones of official anti-Semitism.

The Austrian government’s handling of the case against Stephan Templ is riddled with mistakes, from unlawful changes to the original indictment to the final sentencing decision that imposed a non-existent legal principle of “moral guilt.”

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