Today in Russian Business – March 6, 2012

The stock market rallied in immediate response to Vladimir Putin’s election win, but the general reaction to the news is cautious, with analysts waiting ‘to see what the opposition is going to do’ and ‘what the leadership’s response to the opposition will be’ before lowering risk outlooks with any certainty.  How will Putin be able to afford his various pre-election promises?  Tenders for 2,767 Moscow street kiosks have been held already this year, after the new system of year-round kiosks, established last year, brought in revenues of over $6 million.  Stable rent prices in Moscow are spurring offices to increase their space, and consolidate company subsidiaries.  Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp is running into trouble in Russia, over suspicions that its managers briber local officials to approve the placement of billboards.  Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board has approved Magnitogorsk’s proposed A$554 million acquisition of Flinders Mines.  Russia looks set to export 1.5-2 million tons of a grain a month until the end of the year.  The planned high-speed rail link between Moscow and St Petersburg could cost as much as $38 billion.