“Blinded by Rage”

I don’t usually re-blog comments, but quite a remarkable one was left by user “Jack Johnson”, who I hope is different from the surfer-singer-songwriter (that would make me sad).

You have become so blinded by your rage against Putin that you fail to see the irony of this blog post.

Were the Russian government to actually implement “more plans for checkpoints, bomb-detecting dogs, closed-circuit cameras, or surveillance agents on the trains” you would then scream loudly that the government was infringing on personal freedoms.

According to your logic, the Russian government is damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t. Thus, your analysis on Russia has become as worthless as that of La Russophobe.

How fitting since you, James, are actually the person behind the La Russophobe hate blog.

Wow … well I am speechless – I guess the gig is up.  What is stranger is that this comment was left on a relatively innocent (and lazy) posting of a quote from the FT, plus minor commentary on security measures which should be taken. It’s true that we frequently criticize the government in Moscow on this blog, and it can certainly get whiny and annoying, but you’d think Bank of Nikolai here would wait around for a more outrageous posting to jump on me.  As much as it is inappropriate to cast direct blame on Putin (though the wisdom of his policies should be questioned), it is amazing how so many of the apologists use these awful terror attacks as an opportunity to hammer away against their favorite targets.  On and on it goes.

By the way, the police are already deploying more bomb sniffing dogs on the metro – how shocking!