Blog Comments for the Kremlin

I found this bit entertaining from the report that Dmitry Medvedev’s video blog will begin to accept and publish reader’s comments:

In order to leave a comment on the president’s personal video blog, visitors will have to register with the official Kremlin site. The registration process is exactly like signing up with any other blog; you need to provide your name, user name, age, education, e-mail address, and country or region.

Wow, maybe this blog has fallen behind the times…  All we require is a name (which can be fake) and an email (which can also be fake).  I have little doubt that like any government social media platform, they will have to edit out the real crazy ones from posting radical criticism or hate invective, but it seems excessive to ask commenters for so much information (not that many Russians who disagree with the state would take the risk of going any where near this site).