Budanov Claims Innocence in Markelov Shooting

budanov2011909.jpgLawyers for Yury Budanov (photo), the former colonel released on bail, have told Interfax that he was not involved in arranging the assassination of human rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov.

The following is a translation from Interfax:

“In his turn, Budanov’s lawyer Alexey Dulimov considers that the former colonel of the Russian army does not have [anything] to do with the death of Stanislav Markelov.  “I am deeply convinced that Budanov can not have anything to do with this”, – said Dulimov on the air of the radio station “Russkaya sluzhba novostei” [«Russian news service»] on Monday.  “He (Budanov – IF) never had thoughts about taking revenge on Markelov, he doesn’t even know the guy and has never even seen him”, – said Dulimov.

“For the fulfillment by a lawyer of professional duties encroachment on his life – sheer madness.  That way all people in our country will remain defenseless, if such events will be taking place”, said the lawyer of Budanov.  In his words, “no one of the military” can be involved in the murder of Markelov.”