Today in Russian Business – Feb 7, 2012

Major banks have concluded that Saturday’s protests indicate that unrest will escalate until Russians see political change: ‘Although many investors would like the March election to draw a line under the political uncertainty, we believe that the protests will continue.’  Sberbank has posted January profits of $963 million, over 9% up on the same period last year.  Oktyabr has seen a large-scale and ongoing development since 2007, leading to residents’ concerns that its history will be wiped out by eager developers.  A $237 million capital inflow for Russia at the end of January represents ‘a change in the direction of capital flows’ from late 2011.  Car sales may be newly taxed after Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organisation.  Inflation is at its slowest annual post-Soviet rate, at 4.2%.  Oleg Deripaska’s holding company, BasEl, is looking to buy five of Russia’s regional airports (estimated at a total cost of $2 billion).