Today in Russian Business – Sept 1, 2011

Rock-bottom prices in Belarus are sending Russians across the border to buy up consumer goods, with ‘huge lines’ often ‘leading to brawls’.  $12.6 billion of government funds has been earmarked for road construction next year.  Russian Railways may reduce its planned investment spending by $1.4 billion if the government does not pull back on a planned increase in freight rates.  Germany’s organic baby-food maker, HiPP, has opened a factory in Kaliningrad, despite a currently somewhat ‘limited following’ for organic food in Russia.  Belarus is running out of meat, amid complaints that the removal of border checkpoints means that it’s all going to Russia, where prices are higher.  Sumitomo Mitsui planning to expand in Russia?  Roscosmos may put its space program under the framework of the state defense order in a bid to reduce accidents.