Today in Russian Business – Oct 12, 2011

Yulia Latynina comments on the Boris Berezovsky trial that began in London this week: ‘why did Berezovsky not immediately file a complaint in the London courts if he was being robbed?‘  The tycoon has accused his rival, Roman Abramovich, using ‘classic KGB’ tactics.  Rusal will receive $1.4 billion from China Development Bank to aid construction of a smelter in Siberia.  Sberbank denies yesterday’s reports that it is in talks to buy Denizbank, the Turkish arm of Dexia.  ‘Two decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia’s failure to cultivate power on the global stage using trade and diplomacy is forcing it back into its costly Cold War addiction to missiles and guns.’  Russia may adopt a protective grain export duty to keep grain in the country; in the meantime, world wheat prices have risen after Russia talked about capping exports.  The head of Rospotrebnadzor has linked illegal labour migration to a rise in HIV and tuberculosis.  Vladimir Putin complains that all delays pertaining to Russia’s WTO accession are now ‘political’.