Today in Russian Business – Aug 16, 2011

Optimism over this year’s Russian grain output is beginning to wane as harvest yields fall.  Reuters has a factbox on Russian aerospace.  Moscow looks likely to be the biggest buyer at its own MAKS airshow, which starts today.  On a shrinking cigarette market, Russia’s plans to raise taxes on cigarettes, and to eliminate public smoking entirely by 2015.  On Best Western’s plans to expand into the Russian market with 20 hotels in the next four years.  Sberbank’s $4.6 billion loan to Rusal has been given an extension and a reduced interest rate.  Edinburgh’s Scottish Salmon Company has signed its first Russia supply deal, which will soon account for 5% of exports.  Does the disputed plan of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin to re-pave the entire city have ecological benefits?  Regions may find themselves struggling in the wake of new cutbacks from the Finance Ministry.