Today in Russian Business – Oct 28, 2011

Russia’s attempts to overcome Georgia’s political opposition to its WTO entry have apparently yielded some fruit; Tbilisi has agreed to a Swiss proposal for a compromise between the two governments.  The Swiss suggestion is that international monitors be deployed at border checkpoints in Georgia’s separatist provinces of North Ossetia and Abkhazia.  Russia has reportedly greeted the news of the eurozone bailout deal with reserve; economic adviser Arkady Dvorkovich warned the press that it was difficult to say if the measures ‘will be sufficient for the long term’.  Walt Disney Co has bought 49% of Seven TV network in order to start a new Disney channel broadcasting free to around 40 million Russian households.  Reuters reports on how delays in allowing tycoon and former Right Cause leader Mikhail Prokhorov’s gold firm Polyus to enter the FTSE 100 Index reveal just how perilous it is to mix business and politics in Russia.  In an interview with the Moscow Times, Vimpelcom founder and former engineer Dmitry Zimin has expressed his disappointment that President Medvedev will not return to the Presidency.  Today will see two of Russia’s business titans, Vladimir Lisin and Gennady Timochenko, go head to head in the race for control of state rail car operator, Freight One.  With opening bids starting at $4 billion, the stakes are vertiginously high.