Business as Usual in the First Bush-Medvedev Meeting

bushmedvedev070708.jpgRemember back when George W. Bush “looked into Putin’s eyes” and found a democratic soul for the world to trust? It appears that empty compliments and a lack of progress in relations with Russia will be the bookends of the Bush era. AP: “In their first sit down as heads of state, Bush called Medvedev a “smart” guy who is well versed in foreign policy. Medvedev casually referred to Bush as “George.” Yet they inched no closer on the missile defense issue during their more than hour-long discussion on the sidelines of a summit here.” From the LA Times: “You know, I’m not going to sit here and psychoanalyze the man, but I will tell you that he’s very comfortable, he’s confident, and that I believe that when he tells me something, he means it,” Bush added. The New York Times also tees off here.