RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – August 5, 2020

Today in Russia: Devastating blast in Beirut believed to be caused by ammonium nitrate seized from a Russian-owned ship in 2014; Fires rage in Siberia during heat wave; Stranded Central Asian migrants pushed back at border; LDPR head Zhirinovsky says Ukraine and Belarus are getting global attention while Khabarovsk is falling by the wayside; Woolly mammoth skeleton found in Siberian lake; Lukashenko says Russia lying about mercenaries in Belarus, says more are found as country gears up for election

How suddenly a tiny, invisible thing changed our lives?

COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, has drastically changed the routines of our lives. For instance, as a columnist closely following the Middle East, I still cannot focus entirely on my beat because the world’s top agenda is still the pandemic. The coronavirus continues to infect people and claim lives across the world, and […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – August 4, 2020

Today in Russia: Novosibirsk as electoral testing ground; Clear cutting forests around Baikal to modernize railway?; Montenegro opens to Russian tourists; Database of referendum voters appears on darknet; New Great Game in Central Asia post-COVID?; Dagestan recount and Russia’s COVID numbers; Lowest number of COVID cases since April; Polish PM blasts Nord Stream 2; Former US Amb. John Tefft on the succession process in Russia

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – August 3, 2020

Today in Russia: Russian mercenaries in Belarus can’t keep their story straight; Russia says July oil output in line with OPEC+ deal; Trump didn’t believe Russia bounty reports in Afghanistan; Navalny doesn’t just have trouble with Putin, he can’t get along with the press, either; 5.3k new COVID-19 cases in Russia; Belarus presidential candidate Tsikhanouskaya opposes Russia integration; Poland imposes maximum fine against Nord Stream 2, days after Pompeo blasts the project in testimony; The hunt for $240 million in offshore bank bonds; Russia breaks off double taxation agreement with Cyprus; 1 million Moscow motorists’ data stolen by hackers; Russia plans to carry out mass vaccination in October

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 31, 2020

Today in Russia: EU sanctions for hacking; US ex-marine sentenced, could be part of prisoner swap; 5.5 thousand more COVID-19 cases; Russia reacts furiously to Belarus arrests, ambassador claims the men were en-route to third country; Nine deaths in Crimea minibus accident; Russia to allow people to identify themselves as elves and other fantastic creatures on census; Construction companies and their “Leninist” methods; Ex-press secretary for Prosecutor General’s office to join United Russia and help with campaigning

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 30, 2020

Today in Russia: Belarus-Russia relations in freefall as Wagner Group mercenaries found in Minsk; Belarus pre-election crackdown; Germany asks for Russia’s help to track down fugitive Wirecard exec; Russia and China catching up with US on hypersonic missiles; Putin’s ratings plummet as Khabarovsk protest enjoy widespread support across Russia; Ruble falls against the Euro to 86.23

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 29, 2020

Today in Russia: Deripaska says Russia’s fight against US sanctions lackluster; US again accuses Russia of COVID-19 disinformation; Kremlin insists Safronov case not related to journalism – despite demanding he reveal sources; The Kremlin explains the resignation of 11 health minister in the regions; “Alcolocks” may be coming to Russian vehicles; Rosneft and Norilsk Nickel find compromise over gas field and energy supply; Sberbank to acquire Rambler; Belarus says it found foreign mercenaries in Minsk

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 28, 2020

Today in Russia: 5,300 new COVID-19 cases as pandemic continues to rage; Cryptocurrency fraud; Jailed journalist Safronov put into quarantine for suspected COVID-19 infection; Putin and Erdogan discuss Armenia and Azerbaijan standoff; Degtyarev’s disastrous first week in Khabarovsk; US and Russia in new negotiating format in Vienna; New scooter scheme by Sberbank and Mail.ru; China overtakes Ukraine as Russia’s largest buyer of meat exports; Prosecutors might get back their right to initiate cases

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 23, 2020

Today in Russia: Russian news crew attacked by US federal forces in Portland; Gulag historian sentenced to prison; Turkey and Russia strike Libya deal; Russia’s strategic plan with Iran; First Arctic oil delivered to China; PM Mishustin reports to State Duma

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 10, 2020

Today in Russia: Moscow will no longer require masks outdoors from July 13; Arrested Khabarovsk governor Furgal has outpouring of support in what is a complicated power struggle – the backstory; A timeline of post-referendum crackdown; Denmark and Nord Stream 2; Kadyrov blames “Russia’s enemies” for killings of Chechens abroad